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Sediment Tubes for Sediment and Erosion Control
  • Use for perimeters, inlets and ditches

  • Available on pallets in pre-cut lengths or continuous sections

  • 50% greater flow through than silt fence

  • Ideal for environmentally-sensitive areas

  • No trenching or soil disturbance

SiltSoxx: Project

Safe & Stable

In nature, rainfall is detained and infiltrated into the ground where it can be naturally filtered. Sediment Tubes replicate this filtration on the surface.

High Performance

Sediment Tubes use composted green residuals inside a patented mesh containment system to remove sediment and pollutants through filtration and deposition.

Functional Design

Sediment Tubes can also be used to slow runoff flow velocities on sloped surfaces, thereby reducing the transport of sediment and soluble pollutants.

Easy Installation

Installation of the 12" DiamondSoxx requires as few as two people to install, which means a lower labor cost for your next peoject. 

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SiltSoxx: News
SiltSoxx: News
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